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So you’ve made it through the funky August-September transition hopefully without too many sleepless nights. That morning alarm is still sounding pretty shrill, but you’re up and ready to buckle down to new routines and meet your busy days with gusto. The following chaos is starting to feel relatively organized:  

a) you’re back at work

b) you’re back at school

c) the kids are back at school

d) all of the above!

All that juggling and constantly having to be in two places at once means that now more than ever your bed is the one place that is a constant. An oasis. A retreat. A place that is entirely your own. Crisp cool mornings and golden autumn light nudge you towards putting some changes into place to adjust to the new season. Maybe you’re even a little excited to layer up, get warm duvets out from the back of your closet, and pull on your favourite sweater.

Whatever this season may hold for you, you can always fall back into your bedface sheets and wake up on the right side of September. Below, our September essentials list is packed full of items and ideas to help smooth the way.


1. Rifle Paper Co

Beautify your workspace with Rifle Paper Co’s effortlessly elegant calendars and notebooks. Originally a stationery company, they are fast expanding into home decor and countless coveted accessories. Stock up on staples or indulge in a range of organizing supplies. Rifle Paper Co has been knocking it out of the park with whimsical, recognizable designs that pop with colour and style. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a notebook you actually want to look at!

bedface pick: Birch notebook set

The deep orange and pastel mint colour palettes of these notebooks compliment one another beautifully and are drawn together by Rifle Paper Co’s recognizable illustrated floral print. Linen covers and gold accents provide quality detailing while lay flat binding allows for practical multi purpose use.

Buy it here.

2. Muji Pens

The reassuring simplicity of Muji pens is well-loved the world over. Priding themselves on quality and affordability, Muji employs a minimalist aesthetic that rounds off your desk with satisfying order. Take smooth utilitarian notes or unleash your inner creative with their range of colours.

bedface pick:  Smooth Writing Gel Pen 0.5mm Blue Black

Fresh stationery deserves pens that glide across the page to produce smooth inky fresh lines. Reduce waste by keeping this sturdy pen and stocking up on ink refills.

Buy here.

3. Herschel Supply Co.

Vancouver’s own Herschel Supply Co. has cemented itself at the forefront of West Coast style must-haves with their seriously cool backpacks and bags. Their rustic nostalgia meets sophisticated quality makes for infinitely enviable, wearable designs. Whether you’re a city slicker, forest dweller, or world traveller the sheer range of styles, sizes, and designs means that there is something beyond the classic model for everyone.

bedface pick: Little America Backpack

This effortlessly trendy backpack features charming leather straps and capacity to carry more than your usual everyday bag.

Buy it here.


A consolidated hybrid of U.S and Canadian e-commerce shoe stores, exists to make buying footwear online swift and simple. Filter through hundreds of brands with ease and benefit from great prices, returns and exchange policies, and free shipping on orders over $99. Forget the usual hassle and focus on getting that pair of boots you’ll be sure to need come winter (or literally any other type of footwear for any occasion ever. There are seriously so many shoes here!)

bedface picks: OTBT Fall River Ankle Boot (women)

Leather, buckles, practicality, and flare. These boots scream fall!

Buy it here.

Base London Troop boot (mens)

Keep the sharp laces and leather look with brogue detailing without sacrificing weather proofing and traction that will be vital for the inevitable fall downpour.

Buy it here.

5. Warby Parker

Need a new pair of shades that fit your face properly? Looking for designer eyewear at non-designer prices? Warby Parker has methodically shaken up traditional industry to sell directly to you and nix the astronomical prices of chic glasses. Check out their stunning fall frames collection that you’ll be sure to see cropping up in top fashion magazines. They even sell a monocle if you’re feeling extra fancy!  

bedface picks:

Chelsea Eyeglasses in Violet Magnolia (women)

Flattering rounded lens and splashes of colour add a sophisticated twist to timeless style.

Buy it here.

Duckworth in Cognac Tortoise and Bermuda Blue (mens)

Traditional tortoiseshell frames are subtly uplifted with blue detailing for a suave look.

Buy it here.

6. Skullcandy

Avoid those ‘I left the house without my headphones and now everything is terrible’ days by snapping up the perfect pair for you. Skullcandy's wireless in-ear and over-ear headphones keep you connected to what you want to be listening to regardless if you’re rocking out at the gym, ignoring fellow commuters, taking an important call, catching up on your fave podcast, or relaxing at home with some ocean sounds.

bedface pick: Grand Wireless Headphones in black/chrome

This slick stainless steel look features necessities such as long lasting batteries, built in microphone/remote, and of course the added independence of a wireless model.

Buy it here.

7. bedface

As the days get shorter and shorter, ensure that your beloved bed is all decked out for those well earned and much needed zzzzz’s. Shake out the cobwebs and take pride in making up your bed with comfort and pizzazz.

bedface pick: Rise and Shine sleep set

Comprised of Sunrise Coral duvet and pillowcases and a Peach fitted sheet this sleep set is a sure fire way to brighten up your mornings and make that whole ‘getting out of bed’ thing easier.

Buy it here.

8. ClassPass

This fabulous app allows you to choose and access exercise classes and studios that work best with your schedule. That way, you’re not locked into that yoga class you keep being late for or stuck with a boring one-note gym membership. ClassPass knows that choice and flexibility allow people to save the intensity for their workout, not the stress of finding one! With fast fans in our Vancouver office and dozens of locations throughout North America and the world, it’s not hard to see why so many people are jumping at the opportunity to harness the awesome programming that already exists in their city.

bedface pick: Base Plan

At $55 a month for 5 classes this is a stellar deal. Visit the same studio up to 2 times in a cycle and work your way through hundreds of classes in anything from yoga to spinning to crossfit to bootcamp. Take a peek at your city to see details of what’s on offer.

Buy it here.

9. Juice Truck

Get your vitamin kick in the most delicious way with Juice Truck, Vancouver’s original cold-pressed juice company. In addition to the landmark Gastown truck, they now have a physical storefront and online-store to provide you with many more opportunities to jumpstart your day. Their lengthy, drool-worthy menu will keep you energized when you’re too busy to grab a proper meal or you just really need to stave off scurvy (sorry Mom).

bedface pick: The Tumeric

This citrusy, sweet and spicy concoction is packed with ingredients to keep you thriving. Mood and immune system boosting effects make it a must have as we head into greyer days and (yikes) flu season.

Buy it here.

10. DavidsTea

Who needs an excuse for tea time? But it must be said, there is something gloriously cozy about curling up with a hot cup as the weather changes. DavidsTea are renown for their dozens of variations and exciting new flavours. This year’s fall collection is no different, with the yummiest combinations. Grab a cup as you bustle out the door or jazz up your morning routine with cute tea accessories!

bedface pick: Pumpkin Chai Black Tea

This is a moment when we wished screens had a scratch and sniff function because this beautifully aromatic tea smells as good as it looks and tastes. Get in on the pumpkin craze and transport yourself into your ultimate autumn fantasy with this fan favourite.

Buy it here


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