Summer 2016 Q & A with Kirsten Grove

Summer 2016 Q & A with Kirsten Grove, Interior Stylist, from Simply Grove.


Q: Talk to us about Summer ’16, and how we may embrace the season into our homes and our bedrooms?  

A: I'm beyond ecstatic for Summer 2016! Mainly because we just purchased a mid-century masterpiece and we get to discover our new neighborhood and transform this house into our home. I love adorning my home with each given season. Adding summer accessories throughout your home gives nature a chance to be a part of your space.


Q: Describe your bedface Sleep Set (why’d you choose these colors)?  

A: I chose Starlight White pillowcases because they are paired easily with other pillowcases and fit each season. I chose a Feather Grey fitted sheet because who doesn't love grey??? Storm Grey for my duvet cover fit the bill simply because it will give me free reigns on doing whatever I please with my bedroom via design decisions. 


Q: For fun—tell us your nighttime ritual and how you ease into bedtime?  

A: I’m a sucker for a clean bed to sleep in, so I shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my night and eye cream, and slip into bed. Fresh air helps me sleep deeper, so I pile on the blankets and cuddle into them hard, with my window opened for a peaceful nights sleep.


Q: Finally, and again for fun, tell us your dream for this summer—it can be anything from climbing Machu Picchu, to sailing, to simply gardening.  

A: As I previously stated, we just purchased a house so my hopes are getting a pool in and setting up my backyard for summer. This summer will be mainly focused on family time and making our first summer memories in our new home. 


For style tips and design inspiration from Kirsten, check out her site: Simply Grove.

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